Lowded offers Mixing & Mastering services aswell as Creative Mixing & Music Production work that will take your music to the next level at an affordable price. Sometimes trying to find a reasonably priced engineer/producer is hard, costing you by the thousands, Not at Lowded! We are happy to help bring your craft to life at a Low-cost price. We take the time to get your tracks to sound as clean & crisp as possible using a wide range of mixing techniques learned over several years.


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Below is a playlist full of music we have worked on with some of the clients listed above.







(Creative Mixing / Extra Production Work / Co-Production)

Price varies depending on work.


Contact us at your own convenience and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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Q: Whats the turn around time?


A: It depends on the job itself and what your after, But generally speaking we can usually turn around a complete Mix & Master within the week, In busy periods no later than 2 weeks max.

Q: What software do you use?


A: We use Ableton as our Mixing DAW but use several other third party Mixing/Mastering Plug-Ins to help us achieve our goal. 


Q: How long have you been doing this for?


A: For those of you who don't know Reece Low he has been in the production game for over 12 years and has gained a substantial amount of Mixing & Mastering experience within that time. He has worked with some of the top Artist's in the world and helped a lot of them get their Mixes to 110% before release.

Q: What do you need from me to be able to do a Mix & Master?

A: Generally speaking we need each Audio Stem to have at least 6(db) of headroom (This is to ensure there is enough room for us to add our own processing)

We ask that all stems are 24bit, 44100hz Wav files. We export our final product to16bit Wav files ready for release (Majority of Record Labels ask for 16bit wav masters)

We also ask that each stem is titled accordingly (Kick, Clap, Hats, Lead Synth 1, Fx, Sub Bass etc.)

Once stems are exported we ask them to be sent zipped via Dropbox or GoogleDrive.

Q: How does payment work? 

A: The price will be made clear before any work is started and will be agreed upon by both us and the client.

50% payment will be required to start the works, A further 50% will be required on completion before final Wav files are sent to the client..

Q: What if we aren't happy with the final product? 


A: If the client for some reason is not happy with the product after all tweaks are made we only require 50% of the total amount owed for our time. We have never come across anyone that wasn't happy with our work so this would be a very rare occasion if any.